Maximum file size

The attachments are not limited in size, and never modified, when sent or received.

(Except on Android, when you enable “Remove sensitive JPEG metadata” in Settings > Photos).

Our users regularly exchange multi-gigabyte files via Olvid.

Deduplication of attachments

An attachment sent or received several times is only stored once on the device if it is the same file.

Olvid performs deduplication on your device to intelligently optimize the space occupied by attachments.

Olvid cannot avoid re-uploading the same file sent in different conversations, for logical reasons of crypto and different recipients, since the files are encrypted on your devices and for each of your recipients and not on our servers.

Give time to large files

For very large files, give Olvid time to load and send them before you close the application.

Sending a large file requires time to copy it as an attachment to the message before sending it.

If you quit Olvid before it is finished, it may not work.

Give access to the file

Olvid must have the right to access the file on your device. This right is defined in the operating system and the rights granted to the Olvid application.

Free up space

You can free up space used by Olvid and your files received and sent.