Coming soon

After having produced and released the latest features, we are working on the following.

Currently in production

Olvid Management Console v2

Managed Groups and MDM deployment.

MDM deployment

Mobile Device Management allowing the management of a fleet of mobile devices, for a massive and easy deployment in companies.

Possibility of several administrators per group

To share or transfer the administration rights of a group discussion (invite new participants, modify the illustration image, …).

All we are often asked

You can suggest improvements by writing to

Desktop clients for Windows, macOS, Linux

Standalone desktop application for Windows, macOS, Linux computers.

Coming soon

Simplified identity transfer when changing phones

By simply scanning the old phone to the new one.

Multi-profiles with iOS

To use multiple profiles (IDs) totally independent from each other, on the same iOS device.

Secure Video Calls

The crystal-clear sound and security of Olvid’s Secure audio calls, but with video.


To use an Olvid identity (ID) on several devices.


Harmonization between Olvid versions

To have the same features on all Olvid versions: Android, iOS, Olvid Web and future versions under development (Windows, macOS, Linux).