Make secure audio calls

Secure Audio Calls

You can make secure audio calls with crystal-clear sound and the same cryptographic security as with your messages and attachments. Everything is beautifully end-to-end encrypted between your device and those of your correspondents.

Allowing access to the microphone is required by the OS (operating system) of your device. This is necessary to make secure audio calls. It will also be necessary to record and send voice or video messages.

Secure multi-party audio calls

The crystal clear sound and security of Olvid’s encrypted phone calls, but with more than one user.

You can call all members of a group by tapping the 📞 phone at the top right of the group’s chat.

The initiator of a multi-party call (and he or she alone) can add participants to an ongoing call by pressing the + button.

Free uses

  • Receiving secure audio calls is free for everyone and forever, with no limits on duration, quantity, or geographical areas. Olvid works worldwide.

  • The sending of secure audio calls is free for all during a one month trial which is easily activated from the Profile/ID Settings. This activation does not entail any billing or automatic subscription and stops de facto at its expiration.

Obtain one or more licenses

  • Beyond the free trial period which ends automatically and without any billing or automatic subscription, the sending of secure audio calls is subject to the acquisition of a license per user (ID)*, always without any limit of duration, quantity, or geographical zones.

    * Each activated license is associated with one profile (Olvid ID) and one only and cannot be activated on several profiles, nor reactivated on others.

  • You can acquire licenses in two ways:

    • directly in the application through an in-app purchase, with the store of your device. This monthly subscription will always be managed by this store and only. We have no knowledge of your purchases, nor any power over them. You manage everything through these stores, with your accounts with them.
    • directly with us, from 10 licenses and with a billing address.

If you wish to acquire and distribute multiple licenses directly and get details on pricing, contact our sales team.