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You can view contact details by pressing:

Trust Origins

The Trust Origins indicate the ways in which you added this contact and whether you personally verified a contact’s identity or they were presented to you.

What does the colored dot on a contact’s portrait mean?

These dots are displayed on Android when you have activated > Settings > Contacts & groups > Show a “trust origin” indicator for contacts: Enabled.

  • Green dot = One-to-one verification if you’ve added each other face-to-face (by QR code scans) or remotely (by codes exchange).

  • Orange = Presentation by if you both agreed to be presented by a common contact or Accepted invitation to group if you are both participants in a common group. You can then invite each other as direct contacts to have a private discussion.

  • Blue = Validation by the identity provider if you’ve added each other with your company directory with which you’ve registered. Contact Details will also show the URL of your Keycloak identity provider directory.