Add contacts

You can add contacts in five ways with the button (bottom middle). They will appear in your Contacts list .

This will establish a secure channel between your devices, ensuring both authenticity and confidentiality of your communications, two properties necessary to both encrypt and protect them from unwanted interception.

  1. Add contacts face-to-face is the quickest way, by Scanning your QR codes. It’s faster than exchanging phone numbers or e-mails.

  2. Add contacts remotely allows you to send your Olvid ID to anyone, by any insecure means, and therefore remotely.

    Whether they are already an Olvid user or not, they’ll receive your ID, along with instructions on how to install Olvid if necessary.

    Once they’ve installed Olvid, they’ll be able to invite you to add each other to your respective Olvid contacts.

    All you have to do is accept the invitation and exchange 4 digits via an authentic channel (when you’re sure of your correspondent’s authenticity).

  3. Introduce your contacts to each other.

  4. Add other users without exchanging codes when you are a member of a group discussion.

  5. Add contacts from your company’s directory if they have opted for Olvid Enterprise with its Olvid Management Console.