Olvid Management Console

The Olvid Management Console is part of Olvid Enterprise and enables easy and secure deployment and ensures a simple and intuitive user experience.

Once Keycloak Olvid plugin is installed and configured on your servers, Administrators and Editors of the Olvid Management Console can manage and modify everything related to users and groups.

rocket Automated deployment

Simplify enrollment within the company (add contacts in one click), based on your existing authentication mechanisms, with the ability to distribute via an MDM.

SSO integration (Keycloak)

Olvid does not impose a centralized directory on its users, but offers the possibility to use a corporate directory.

In order to offer maximum flexibility and to be able to adapt to all use cases, Olvid chose to rely on Keycloak (open source identity federation software) and a specific Olvid plugin.

You can thus choose to rely on:

  • SSO authentication mechanisms already in place within your company (OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0…)

  • or set up synchronization with your internal directory (LDAP, AD…)

  • or opt for a configuration that is completely disconnected from your information system in order to guarantee a total isolation.

In any case, you will be able to manage your users (revocation, groups creation, security settings…) from the Olvid Management Console integrated in the plugin.

Configure your Keycloak server

Configure your Keycloak server by following step-by-step this configuration guide.

MDM Deployment

Distribute Olvid with your mobile device fleet management (MDM) application.

Add contacts in a click

Your internal contact lists are pre-filled. A “Directory” button appears in the application, from which you can easily search for your company’s contacts. No need to verify their identity by exchanging codes.

Here is how to add a contact from your company’s directory.

Simplified management

Automatic license management

The Olvid Management Console allows you to create and activate user licenses automatically.

Managed Groups

Create discussion groups, reflecting your governance and organizational charts.

phonelink_erase Immediate remediation

Instant revocation

If one of your employees’ phone is lost or stolen, instantly and automatically revoke his keys and secure channels directly from the Olvid Management Console.