Configure Olvid via an MDM

Like any app in the stores, Olvid can be deployed via an MDM (a mobile device management app).

We have successfully tested Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE and Push Manager.

In addition to the standard settings (forced installation, rights, etc.), it is possible to configure certain Olvid-specific properties.

Here is the list of configuration keys that can be pushed through MDM:

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  • keycloak_configuration_uri: this key identifies your company’s directory connection URL. See the pro offer Olvid Enterprise and how to configure your Keycloak directory and Olvid via an MDM.

  • disable_new_version_notification: boolean to be set to “true” to prevent users from seeing a “new version available” message when an update is released on the store. This is useful if users can’t update the app themselves.

  • settings_configuration_uri: configuration link allowing you to pre-configure certain Olvid settings. The link can be generated from This link does not prevent the user from changing a setting, but the chosen settings will be reapplied each time the application is started.

The following keys are to be used only in very specific cases when the company decides to set up a WebDAV server for Olvid profiles backup. (This option is only available on Android).

  • webdav_automatic_backup_uri: URL and credentials of the WebDAV server on which automatic backups are to be stored. This URL must take the form https://user:password@server/path/. Once this URL has been configured, the user cannot disable automatic backups, nor modify the backup URL. If the server is unavailable, users may regularly see an error message in Olvid, with a simple dialog to close. Nothing serious, but it can be annoying.

  • webdav_automatic_backup_write_only: Boolean to be set to “true” to indicate that the WebDAV server for automatic backups is write-only. The user only needs to make PUT requests. Restoring a backup will require manually retrieving the backup file from the WebDAV server and copying it to the device.

  • webdav_key_escrow_public_key: RSA public key in PEM format, to be used for WebDAV backup key escrow. This configuration key is only taken into account if automatic WebDAV backups are also configured.