For administrators

Configuration of users’ devices

Internet connectivity

Here’s how to ensure that your devices are freely connected to the Internet, without any specific network restrictions or third-party applications interfering with normal Olvid operation.

Interventions of third party applications

Applications that filter network connections (such as firewalls, VPN or Proxy configurations, Blokada, AdGuard…) may prevent Olvid from working properly.

Configuring or stopping them, or even uninstalling them, will confirm whether this solves the problem.

iPhone iPad

Apple Support


Android Help

Manage advanced network settings on your Android phone.

For network administrators

Contact your network administrator or Internet service provider, providing them with the following information.

Servers required for mobile and desktop applications

Other servers

  • Apple and Google push notification servers for iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • No specific server for the desktop version. Notifications go through the WebSocket on

  • iCloud and Google Drive servers for iOS and Android Olvid profiles backups.

  •, TCP:443 (HTTPS) for Olvid Web with an Android.
    • Elastic load balancer with an internal AWS DNS.
  • When sharing a link, a request to the site involved can be made to retrieve a preview.

Keycloak server hosted on premise

  •, TCP:443 (HTTPS)
    • Cloudfront distribution on API Gateway, IPv4 only for now.
    • REST API where only the point is called, in POST.

Silent installation of Olvid for Windows

To silently install Olvid for Windows, run the command:

msiexec /i Olvid-1.6.2.msi INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Olvid\" /passive /qn /norestart