If Olvid does not work

You can use Olvid with any compatible device.

If Olvid does not work for you or the person you are talking to, if you can’t access or send or receive messages or audio calls, each follow these steps.

Things to check first

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Olvid.

    Here is how to update Olvid.

  2. Make sure your operating system is up to date.

    Here is how to update your operating system.

  3. Make sure you are not approaching the storage limit on your device.

    Find out how to know and how to free up space from your device manufacturer and be careful about Olvid data.

  4. Make sure your device is freely connected to the Internet.

    You can later have your connection verified to be free of any specific network restrictions.

  5. Restart your device.

  6. Launch Olvid and send a message. Your contact should receive a notification immediately. And so should you when they reply.

    If not, each user should check the settings of their device by following these recommendations: If a device does not receive message or call notifications when connected to a network.

    Solving this problem when you first start using Olvid often solves many others, including if your secure audio calls don’t go through.

    Share the information with your contacts to ensure that the problem is not on their end.

If your secure audio calls don’t work

Find out what to do if you can’t make or receive secure audio calls, use your microphone, or stay connected.

If your secure audio calls don’t go through

A simple and immediate solution is to send a text message to your correspondent just before the call and have him confirm his reception with a reply message.

This may be enough to wake up the device and everything will be much better.

With message info, you can then verify that your message has been delivered and downloaded by the recipient’s device.

As far as we know, calls that never start ringing and remain on initialising call are due to the fact that the first message (notifying of a call) does not reach the recipient in time.

  • On Android, this can happen if the device is in sleep/power saving mode. It may then take more than 30 seconds to receive a notification. This is simply because the device went to sleep after a while.

  • On iOS, with VoIP-specific notifications, this normally happens less.

To improve this, each user should check the settings of their device by following these recommendations: If a device does not receive message or call notifications when connected to a network.

With a bad data connection (roaming, antenna changes, bad bandwidth, etc.), VoIP is less stable than traditional GSM. It’s the case for all IP communications.

If these problems persist, we will be able to provide a better diagnosis after learning about the specific environments and configurations of the affected devices and networks.

If the microphone doesn’t work

One of these solutions might help:

  • Make sure that the Olvid app is allowed to access the microphone by the OS.
  • Make sure that you have not muted the microphone during a call and that it has not remained muted.
  • Check if your microphone is working from another application. If it doesn’t work, you know that the problem is not related to Olvid.
  • If you have more than one microphone connected to your device, make sure you have selected the right one.

If you need help with your connection or call quality

A slow or congested Wi-Fi network can disrupt your Olvid audio calls.

  • Make sure you and the person you are calling are using a fast enough Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Olvid calls require a low-speed connection.

  • Check for issues that might be slowing down your connection, such as someone uploading or streaming content over your network.

  • If you have questions about your Internet speed, contact your Internet service provider or network manager.

If your manual backup doesn’t work

  • Avoid transferring the file via a Samba server or other interoperability software that implements the proprietary Microsoft Windows SMB/CIFS protocol in computers running the Unix operating system and its derivatives.

    This has sometimes caused problems with file access rights. It is better to transfer the backup file directly between the two devices.

If you cannot connect to Olvid Web


Olvid Web is not compatible with an iOS device.

Using Olvid with your computer (Windows/macOS/Linux) will be available with the standalone client, coming soon to Olvid.


  • Make sure that a browser plug-in such as Dark Mode does not alter the display of the QR code connecting your computer to your device and thus prevents your device from scanning it. Disable this plug-in to check.

  • Make sure that no third-party application installed on your device is preventing Olvid from working properly.

    For example, Blokada or AdGuard block all WebSocket connections and prevent you from connecting to Olvid Web.

If the GIFs don’t display


Unknown problem on iOS.


Gifs are displayed in Olvid from Android 9 and later. For security reasons, they are not displayed in Android 8 and earlier.

If your device allows it, here’s how to update its operating system.

Get help from the manufacturer


Get help from Apple

For some issues specific to your iPhone or iPad, Apple or your mobile carrier can help you with your devices.

You can get help from Apple or your mobile carrier.


Android flavors

Each manufacturer installs its own modified version of Android and sets it up as it pleases, with its own software and that of publishers with whom it has signed an agreement. The default system settings of these proprietary versions may prevent Olvid from working properly and will benefit from an adjusted setting for a better experience.

Get help from your device manufacturer

For some problems with your Android phone or tablet, the device manufacturer or mobile operator should help you about their modifications of Android and its specific operation.

You can get help from your device manufacturer or carrier.

Contact Olvid support

We are always available to help you find out what is preventing Olvid (and other apps) from working properly on your devices.

Contact Olvid Support to find answers to your questions about using Olvid, to report a bug or to suggest improvements and feedback.