Free up space

When installed, Olvid takes up very little space on your device. 30 MB on Android, 100 MB on iOS.

The same is not true for the contents of the messages you send and receive over time, especially with attachments since they are neither limited in size, nor ever modified, both when sending and receiving.

And we’ve taken our attention to detail to the point of deduplicating common attachments in Olvid.


  • Do not uninstall the app without backup.

  • Do not clean the cache in the OS.

  • Do not move Olvid app and its data to an external SD card.

Otherwise you may lose your Olvid profiles and IDs, all your contacts, groups, contents, settings and license. And without backup you would have to start again from scratch.

Storage management

iPhone iPad
  1. In your discussions list , tap the discussion to display it.

  2. Tap > Gallery .


In your discussions list , tap Storage management.

Know the space used by Olvid

You can find out how much space Olvid and its data take on your device.

iPhone iPad
  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone or iPad Storage.

  • Scroll down the list of apps to the Olvid line and tap it. You will see the screen detailing the storage space occupied by the Olvid app and details.

If a list of documents is displayed, it only concerns files that you would have saved yourself by exporting them to another space on your device and that will be visible in the iOS Files app. Deleting them will not free up space in the Olvid database.


Please consult your device manufacturer’s guidelines and support about the space occupied by applications installed on its version of Android.

Free up space automatically

You can schedule automatic deletion of messages in several ways for different purposes, globally or per thread.

This will have the double advantage of limiting the duration of existence of the exchanged data and automatically reducing the space they use on your device.

Free up space manually

You can free up the space used by the content you have exchanged with Olvid in several ways, depending on your needs. You can:

Save your attachments

iPhone iPad

You can share a message to save it with all its attachments on your device and elsewhere.


You can share a message to save it with all its attachments on your device and elsewhere.

Using Olvid with a computer

You can save any attachments on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) by using Olvid Web in a web browser with your Android device (phone or tablet) as a gateway.

The contents of the Olvid app and its databases are not accessible in the clear by plugging your device into a computer with a USB cable.

You can also use your Olvid profiles on several devices (computers, mobiles, etc.).