Manual backup

Run a manual backup to export an encrypted file of your Olvid profiles backup to your device.

You will be able to transfer it safely by any non-secure means (email, cloud…) and from iOS to Android and vice versa.

  • If you change OS (iOS <-> Android):
    • Perform a manual backup because automatic backup will not work.

    • Otherwise, enable automatic backup instead to sleep easy 😴.

  • Please, read the warnings about the backup.

How to start?

First, generate your backup key. Then…

  1. Tap  > Backup settings .
  2. Tap backup and share now.
  3. The standard iOS sharing screen appears and allows you to choose where to save the backup file (with .olvidbackup extension).
  1. Tap  > Backup settings.
  2. Tap  Initiate a manual backup.
  3. Choose where to save the backup file (with .olvidbackup extension).

What’s next?

You can verify your backup.


Find out what to do if your manual backup doesn’t work.