Manual backup

Run a manual backup to export an encrypted file of your Olvid profiles backup to your device.

You will be able to transfer it safely by any non-secure means (email, cloud…) and from iOS to Android and vice versa.


  • Please, read the warnings about the backup.

  • For automatic up-to-date backups, enable automatic backup immediately to sleep easy 😴.

  • Olvid for iOS does not yet support multi-profile. So it is not possible to restore on iOS a backup containing multiple profiles.

How to start?

First, generate your backup key. Then…

  1. Tap  > Backup settings .
  2. Tap Backup Now.
  3. The standard iOS sharing screen appears and allows you to choose where to save the backup file (with .olvidbackup extension).
  1. Tap  > Backup settings.
  2. Tap  Initiate a manual backup.
  3. Choose where to save the backup file (with .olvidbackup extension).

What’s next?

You can verify your backup.