Change of phone or computer

Since Olvid version 1.0 (oct. 2023), you can use your Olvid profiles on several devices (computers, mobiles, etc.) simultaneously.

This enables you to import a profile from another device and add a new device to one of your existing profiles.

  • We strongly encourage you to use your Olvid profiles on a second device as soon as possible. This will make it much easier for you to re-import them on subsequent devices, in anticipation of changing or losing your device.

Otherwise, the good old backup of your Olvid profiles with your original device will still allow you to restore them on your next device.

Because with Olvid, everything happens and stays exclusively between your devices and those of your contacts since everything is encrypted between these devices, with keys that only they can generate.

Olvid never needs – and doesn’t want – personal data to operate. There is no Olvid account. There are only your Olvid profiles on your devices.

Thus, the devices on which you have your Olvid profiles are the only ones able to help you change devices and keep them on the next ones. If none is available, read these warnings.