Create your first Olvid profile

Create your first Olvid profile if you’ve never used Olvid before.

Otherwise, restore a backup of your profiles or import a profile from another device.

Your Olvid profile is yours!

All information you enter in Olvid (name, first name, etc…) remains exclusively in your device. You never create any account with Olvid.

Its only importance is that you will share it with your future Olvid contacts, in order to help them identify you.

And if you make a mistake, no worries: you will always be able to update them. You can even create as many profiles as you want.

Create your first Olvid profile

iPhone iPad
  1. Launch Olvid and press New User.
  2. Fill in your first & last name for your contacts. Olvid will never know about it. You can even fill in your company & position.
  3. Press Save.
  4. Press Continue and Allow to grant Olvid the rights to send you notifications. Olvid works much better in this case, and you can always change your mind later 🤗.
  5. That’s it! Pressing Start Olvid will take you to the main screen.
  1. Launch Olvid and press Continue as a New User.
  2. Fill in your first & last name for your contacts. Olvid will never know about it. You can even fill in your company & position.
  3. Press Generate new ID.
  4. That’s it! You are now on your profile page, ← (the return arrow) brings you back to the main screen.

What’s next?

When you first use Olvid, your Contacts list is empty. It is expected. Unlike most instant messengers, Olvid works without a centralized user directory. The advantages are numerous and explained here.

You can add contacts in five ways with the button (bottom middle).

Choose or change your profile photo

iPhone iPad
  1. Tap at the very top left. The My profiles screen is displayed.
  2. Choose a profile and tap Edit current profile.
  3. Tap Edit my ID.
  4. Tap or your photo. A submenu appears.
  5. Select Remove the photo or Choose a photo or Take a photo.
  6. Tap Publish my ID.
  1. Tap the icon with your photo or initials at the very top left. The My ID screen is displayed.
  2. Tap . Edit your Details screen is displayed.
  3. Tap or your photo. A submenu appears.
  4. Select Remove picture or Choose an image or Take a picture.
  5. Tap Publish my ID.

Back up your Olvid profiles

Immediately activate the automatic or manual backup of your Olvid profiles (contacts, groups, settings and license). This is the only way to restore them if you lose them, for example when you change or lose your device, or after other hazardous actions to free up space. It may therefore be indispensable and crucial in the use of Olvid in most cases.

Since you never create an account with Olvid, we can’t help you otherwise to recover them. So activate your backup.

Create other Olvid profiles

You can also create and use multiple profiles.

Delete an Olvid profile

You can delete any profile and thus erase all information associated with this profile on your device. This includes all its contacts, groups, discussions and any content related to that profile. And it’s irreversible.

There is no Olvid account

There is no such thing as an Olvid account because Olvid does not require any personal data to operate, as detailed below and in our Privacy Policy.

You never create an account with Olvid.

Everything stays exclusively between your devices and those of your contacts. Any information you enter into Olvid is always transmitted encrypted with keys that only you and your contacts have.

When you set up Olvid for the first time, did you notice that we never asked you for your phone number or your email address or anything else? And unlike your other messengers, Olvid never asked for access to your address book.

Thus, no personal data (name, first name, etc.) has ever been transmitted to our servers. Neither yours, nor your contacts’.

So we don’t have to delete anything because we don’t know any accounts or users.

And that’s why your Contacts list is empty at the very beginning of your Olvid use.

Don’t write to us to ask us to delete your account because we can’t, since it doesn’t exist.

You just have to uninstall the app to delete all its data. And that’s it!


  • Uninstalling the app without backups or without using your Olvid profiles on another device will permanently delete them.

  • Your contacts will not be notified of this, nor of the fact that you will never receive their messages again. These messages remain on our servers for 60 days and are automatically deleted.

Deleting a profile is a more refined method that also offers the possibility to notify your contacts.