Install Olvid for free

Olvid works without a phone number and is freely available for Android and iOS with any compatible device.

What’s next?

Once Olvid is installed, create your Olvid profile.

Frequently asked questions


Availability on F-Droid and other alternative stores

For F-Droid, we discuss about it here on Olvid’s public GitHub since we opened the source codes for Olvid’s iOS and Android mobile apps to make them available and open source.

For the moment, the only official distribution channels for Olvid are the Google and Apple stores because this has no influence on Olvid’s security and privacy guarantees, and because we cannot maintain an alternative distribution, through a downloadable APK, which would pose further complexities that we cannot handle now.

We cannot advise installing Olvid APKs circulating on the net (F-Droid, Aurora Store, Aptoide, APKcombo, APKPure and other app stores for Android) because we cannot certify the authenticity or integrity of an app distributed in this way. Therefore, no alternative distribution is as secure as our official channel.

However, for your information, we test all our versions for compatibility with alternative Android operating systems without Google services.