Latest features

Olvid Management Console

Olvid Management Console with Keycloak plugin for SSO and enterprise directory integration for massive and easy enterprise deployment. (v1 with revocation).

Olvid goes open source

Olvid keeps its promises and becomes open source and publishes the code of its Android and iOS applications on GitHub.

Multi-profiles with Android

To use multiple profiles (Olvid IDs) totally independent from each other, on the same device. Professional and personal for example.

Secure multi-user audio calls

The crystal-clear sound and security of Olvid’s Secure audio calls, but with more than one person.

All we were often asked

Voice messages in iOS & Android

Increased gifs management

Emojis in reaction to a message

And plenty more…

Olvid Web compatible with Android

To use Olvid with a computer (PC/Mac/Linux) in a web browser with your Android compatible device (phone or tablet) that will serve as a gateway.

Ephemeral messages

Ephemeral messages are automatically destroyed.

Secure audio calls

Encrypted audio calls between two parties, with crystal-clear sound.

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