Introduce your contacts to each other

You can add contacts in five ways.

You can introduce one of your Olvid contacts to others. This will allow them to add each other to their respective Olvid contacts, without having to exchange a code.

  1. In the  Contacts tab, tap on the name of the contact you wish to introduce to access their details.
  2. Tap Introduce to display the list of your other contacts.
  3. Tap on the names of the other contacts you want to introduce him/her to.
  4. Confirm by pressing OK (Android) or Perform the introduction (iOS).

That’s it! Please note that you will not be notified of further action. It is up to your contacts to decide whether they want to be introduced to each other.

This procedure is automatic if the contact concerned exchanged a code with you when you added him/her to your Olvid Contacts.

Otherwise, it will require their explicit acceptance via an invitation that will appear in their Invitations tab.