Configuration of Keycloak

In order to configure Keycloak, you must:

  1. Connect to the address it is bound to.

    • If the reverse proxy is properly set up, this can be the public DNS of your keycloak.

    • If the reverse proxy is not set up yet, or if access to the Keycloak Administration pages is blocked from outside your network, you may connect directly to the internal IP/DNS of your Keycloak server on port 8080 or 8443 (this could be https://localhost:8443/) and you may need to accept the self-signed certificate presented by Keycloak.

    You should reach this page:

  2. Click Administration Console.

  3. Enter the credentials you chose for the administrator in the Installation of Keycloak section.

  4. Click Sign in.

Verify that the Olvid Plugin is functional

After you signed in, you should see a Management Console entry in the left menu:

  1. Click Management Console.

    The Olvid Management Console should open. This means that the Olvid Plugin is functional.

  2. Close the Management Console for now.

  3. Go back to the Keycloak Administration page.